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  • Nike Air Foamposite one White Black Red B02031
  • Nike Air Foamposite one White Black Red B02031

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    • Model: Nike_Air_10499

  • Price: $79.99

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  • Description
    "Foamposite" isn't so much a single material... rather, it denotes the actual process used to make the upper. To generalize:

    - The very outermost layer of the upper (the actual eggplant-colored stuff, or "Penny blue", or whatever) is a thin layer of synthetic material
    - Pieces of that synthetic are sewn together in the shape of an empty upper
    - This is placed into a very complex (and expensive) mold that's been cut into the desired final shape
    - Liquid foam is poured into the synthetic upper... as it hardens, you end up with a "Foamposite" shell
    - The Foamposite upper would then be finished with any subsequent stitching steps, cementing on the midsole/outsole, etc.

    It is correct that Foamposite doesn't eliminate the need for a midsole, but "using super thick insoles", i.e. containing Zoom Air, is only one way this can be done.Foamposite uppers often look so clean that it makes aesthetic sense to use a double-lasted-type construction, and continue the Foamposite appearance all the way down to the outsole. But there are several Foamposite models that have regular midsoles/outsoles as well. Just sayin'.Foamposite is just a completely different animal from a "normal" leather shoe. Yes, it's firmer, but it's also molded to a more-or-less-permanent anatomical shape. There may be some slight molding to your feet over the long term, but if it doesn't feel good on your feet immediately